Egyption Creation Myth – The Creation of the Gods

In the beginning their was only a swirling watery chaos called Nu. Out of these waters rose Atum, creating itself from its thoughts and force of its will. It was neither male or female and created a hill for there was nowhere to stand.
Atum was alone in the world and had one seeing eye that could roam the universe.
Joining with its shadow Atum created a son spitting him out and making him god of the air, and vomited out his daughter Tefnut who was made goddess of moisture and mist.
Carrying on the act of creation, Shu and Tefnut established a social order and were given the task of separating the chaos into principles of law, order and stability. The chaos was ordered into light and dark and this was called Maat which formed the principles of life and took the form of a feather, light and pure.
Shu and Tefnut then produced Nut the goddess of the sky and Geb the god of earth. At first they were tangled as one but Shu pushed Nut into the sky, arched over Geb as the earth. They longed to be together but to fulfil their functions as Maat, they had to be apart.
Nut produced rain for Geb, who made things grow on earth. As the sky Nut gave birth to the sun every night at dawn, which made its way across the earth during the day before dying at sunset.
Shu and Tefnut produced the other gods, Isis the queen of the gods, Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty, Osiris the god of wisdom and justice, Seth the god of evil, Thoth the god of wisdom and Nephthy’s the protectress of the dead.
Shu and Tefnut become lost in the watery chaos of Nu as the order of Maat was not fully separated. Atum with his one eye, sent it off around the universe in search of his children. In time Shu and Tefnut returned with the eye. Atum was so happy that he wept with tears of joy, and where these tears hit the earth the first men grew.

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