An Optical Poem

In 1938 Oskar Fischinger created his first commissioned and realised film by a major american studio. The process of making this film involved hundreds of manipulated cut outs hung on invisible wires, and shot frame by frame in synchronisation to Liszt’s Rhapsody. This film resembles imaginary through time and space.

I like the way in this film that he has made something so simple and such basic shapes move so elegantly and softly to the classical music. The different directions and shape conform to his resemblement of space as they make a blank canvas seam 3D and have depth to it. I think this animation works really well and doesn’t take too much out of the sounds so you really listen to the beats of the music instead of concentrating on the visual side of it. This has shown me the importance of music in films and how the choice of music is important to go along side the visual but to also help the visual stand out and be influenced by the sound.

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