In this video Svankmajer created in 1990, we see some of Svankmajers claymation work. I really liked this piece as it was very different to what animations I have seen before, he takes the form and creation of the body to a different level. Using sound he adds effects to his piece making each piece of clay have a different character, we see them come alive and the use of metamorphic sounds such as the flapping of the ears representing a butterfly and the snorting of the pig for the nose, its gives an indication to the audience as to what these body parts are before we even see them, like with the nose. We also see a big influence on sound when the genitalia is banging at the door. It leaves the audience wondering what is behind the door, we know it is something big and maybe dangerous because the sound gives us this representation before we see it. It builds up a picture in our heads as to what we might expect. I like the way in which the body is formed together and how each part has a life of their own, creating the hands to begin with which put the body together showing us how important the hands are to be able to do things. The sound is a big part in this film, as it gives character, expectation and build up in the animation. He introduces different elements of the body to visual effects and maintains humour throughout, using incredible detail which makes us believe and see that the clay figure looks very realistic.

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