Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977



In this film by Steven Spielberg we see a scene where there is communication going on between the humans and the mother ship. They use sound and light to communicated using an ARP 2500,which is a monophonic analog modular synthesiser. I think this is a really nice way of sending a message and shows how light and sound can be used in productive way for communication. It reminded me a lot of morse code where they use symbols to translate into sounds which then translated into letters and words. I liked the way even though they couldn’t understand what they mothership was saying to them they communicated back using a piano to turn each key sound into a light showing on a big board to transmit the message back to them. The idea is different to what I have seen before in ET films before but works well with the Sci-fi genre and shows that sound can influence the picture as well as the other way round and how it can also be used in other ways than just for background noise.

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