Overall with our final piece I am happy with the outcome. We have shown experimental ideas and how the visual aspect can work with sound. I think the way we have created our final piece works really well with our sounds as we could be experimental and add different aspects and shapes into it connecting it with the sound even more. Overall in this project I have learnt more about sound and how it works with the visual content to create a film. I have learnt about lots more animation artists who are no the ‘normal’ animation artists who look at such as Disney, but others of which who it was very interesting to look at and see how they created their animations using what techniques. In researching these it has brooded my knowledge of animation techniques and how they are used in conveying messages through sound and visual.
I am glad we went with this abstract idea as Its different from what I have done before where I have concentrated on a particular and storyline instead of going for something that doesn’t follow a story but has freedom and isn’t controlled so can flow and go with ideas and things that happen as I animate. Experimenting with this idea has also informed me as I have learnt about how abstract pieces can look really good and work very well with sound, also how they can be manipulated and worked on to sync in with the music. This is why we did not create a storyboard for our final piece, as although we had a ruff idea as to what we wanted, there wasn’t a specific story or narrative that was could pre plan as we wanted to react to the music as it was playing not planning the actions but giving freedom to the music. We wanted to give a very experimental piece showing our reactions and thoughts to the music through abstraction.

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