Ideas Developing 3

After filming our footage we then went into to city campus to start adding in the 2D elements of it. As we had issues in adding the shots into flash because they were such big files Dan was made role of the compositor and put the shots into after effects made the footage last for the correct amount of time that it had to be (1m30s) and then exported it so that me and Nicky could work on it in flash. To make the length of the video fit the time frame we had to slow down the shots, which at first we didn’t think was going to work and make it very jittery but it actually still worked and looked good, not being too slow to show the jitteriness of each frame but having the stop motion create effect.
Me and Nicky then worked on the piece in flash taking to turns to work on a piece, creating paint splatters with the music.
Because of the time shortage we had with creating this piece, and also because the final piece looked good with the flash images we decided to abandon the idea of the stop-motion shapes and just stick to what we had as I worked with the sound well already so we were comfortable and happy with leaving it as it was. Dan then had the role of the compositor.

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