Ideas Developing

So with filming planned for the Sunday we needed to get some paint and paper to use as the canvas. As a group we decided to do it at my flat because of the distance and easiness it was for all of our group to get there. As we started to set up for filming and was looking at camera positions we thought that instead of live action filming it we would stop motion each movement that Nicky made with the paintbrush putting paint onto the canvas. This would give it another animation effect and create a smooth but surreal look to make it flows and look creative, working with the way the paint would layer up on the page and how it could be captured. With me doing the filming instead of trying to take one frame at every moment I timed it so that with each action she did I held down the shot button on the camera which sent off continuous shots capturing every action that she did from starting to throw the paint to the paint being on the paper. I though as well as adding to the creative effect it would also leave an element of surprise to the piece as I didn’t know what the camera was going to capture as I had no control on what I could see it was going to take. But this was interesting as in some frames you see Nicky painting and in others the paint just appears as Nicky is put of the frame. In a certain shot you actually see her coming and working into the piece of work which we contemplated taking out because you couldn’t see the painting but looking over the footage it worked well and showed the graduation of the piece. As filming went on during the day other idea came to mind including the Gotye idea, which we though of as we were getting covered in paint!!

Tell me what you think

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