Norman Mclaren- Dots

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn”.

“Dots” was made by painting directly onto clear frames of film. Interestingly, the music was created in the same way, painting directly into the area on the film strip usually reserved for the soundtrack.

This film created by Norman McLaren in 1940, shows an arrangement of dots manipulating and changing to the sound of the music. I watched this film which was first shown to us in one of our early soundscape projects, as It related to the kind of animation we wanted to do for our final soundscape piece. Creating an abstract piece of artwork we thought that the music would work better with the visuals as over complicating things may distract from the purpose that we were trying to convey. With dots, it gave us inspiration with how we could show bold shapes at times when the beat of the music came in or if there was a certain part of the music that stood out from the rest. Because it used simplistic shapes and was quite simple in a way we also thought this a good idea as I wouldn’t be too time consuming and complicated for the time we had but would still be very effective and show our reaction to the piece of music we’d been given. I like this piece because as I said before it doesn’t over complicated things, it reacts to the music and highlights the key beats, making the viewer not just concentrate of the visuals but on how they link with the music to highlight it making it also the main part of the film.

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