Friday 14th March

After leaving the clay to properly dry overnight, we came back to it having shrunk because it was air drying, so there were cracks and gaps from where it had pulled away from the poly filler. So we filled in these gaps with some more clay then started to paper mache over the top of the sawdust and clay. This proved to be a real tackle as the sawdust wasn’t stuck down to the set itself so every time we went to put the glue and tissue too it it kept coming back up and wouldn’t stick down. But with some delicate placing and perseverance we managed to make it work. We wanted to get all the paper mache done by today so it could all dry over the weekend, but because we were having to use small pieces of tissue to help it stick to the set it was taking longer than expected even with only 3 of us working on it. But we got most of it done, then left it to dry over the weekend ready to finish on monday.
I really enjoyed doing this as I have always been creative and arty and it was nice to get back into something that I really enjoyed and actually felt I knew what I was doing and was kind of good at. I felt at home doing this and didn’t feel it a burden coming in to help as I enjoyed making a creation and making something become realistic, and I think this is shown in the work.





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