Heart to Heart

With doing this project with Dewi, I found it a bit difficult working with Hannah and Dan as I found they didn’t seam to listen to what Dewi wanted, or give any care, attention or pride into what they did, so me and Nicky ended up redoing a lot of the vines and sets. With making things and having the arty way to see what could be done to make this look better or how it should be done properly I find you have to have the eye for it and some people are better at things than others. With me, because its one of the things that I love and have been doing since I was a child, I felt at home and comfortable doing this and didn’t think twice about how to do something, such as the paper mache, knowing what consistency to make it at and how to make it stick to the sawdust, it didn’t cross my mind as to how to make it, it was already embedded and just came naturally. For ages and most of my life Iv been trying to find something that Iv been good at and finally I realised that It was something that Id been doing all my life It just hadn’t crossed my mind, because Id just done it. Creating things of all kinds whether it be sets, crafty things or cakes, I finally felt a sense of ease that I could do something that someone else couldn’t, and it sparked thae creativeness to do more with this skill. I know that fellow friends and lecturers say Im good at organising and sorting people out, but I want to do something practical with my life, Im not a sort of person to do paperwork all the time, although I do enjoy organising and sorting things, I would miss the creativeness and making enormously. I just need to find a middle point of combining both. Maybe one as a hobbie and another as a profession.

Its hard to do these posts and comment because were all friends but I need to be honest and I just feel some people are suited to certain things than others. Me and Nicky have continuously come in to help Dewi with his final touch ups whereas Dan and Hannah have just left him in the dark about it without telling him. I know I love doing this so its not really work for me, Id rather be doing this throughout the course instead of any of the other work, as I love the practical work and because I find our course is extremely theoretical its nice to actually have a hands on approach, but I don’t understand how you could just leave someone. You wouldn’t do that In the industry nor would you go against someones instructions.

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