Monday 24th March

I finished off the wall that I started yesterday, painting the rope to match in with the set and again giving it the effect of the mold spreading from the vines onto the wall itself.
After finishing the first set we then got to work on the next main set which was the throne room. We put clay onto the edges to smooth out the square angles look then paper mache over the top to give the same texture as the previous set. This time we didn’t bother using sawdust and clay outlines of the stones as we realised once the paper mache was on top it didnt really give a texture, other than the one that the tissue done already from the paper mache. This made this set a lot quicker to do as we didnt have to fiddle around with trying to make the tissue stick, and with the amount of time we had left, time was of the essence!!
I left Hannah and Dan to finish paper mache the set whilst I went up and helped Dewi with the lighting for photographing his sculptures for a still shot. I found this extremely helpful and informative as we haven’t really learnt anything about lighting, so being taught off Dewi and being shown what to do and what creates what was really helpful.








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