Thursday 27th March

Dan and Hannah had attached the vines onto the second set whilst Id been helping Dewi out again with setting up the lighting and sets. I helped paint them a little but then went on to finish with the main sculpture.
With the ropes I could see they looked really rushed and didn’t look like anything from the first set. They just looked as though they had glued them in any place and no care had been taken with them, so I just left them to the vines whilst I concentrated on the sculpture.
Because the clay had cracked and come off, Nicky re-clayed it to make it stay on and once this had dried I then painted over the grey clay parts so It matched the rest of the sculpture and the green colour scheme.
Whilst Dan and Hannah worked on the vines, I was helping out Dewi. We set up the main set with the murals, where there was a bit of a problem when the holes were drilled in the wrong place so we marked them up and drilled the holes again. I also put some webs onto the sculpture on the set to give it more effect. We set up the lighting and took some still shots.













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