Millie- Train

So the main thing I made for Millie was the train. She did’nt want the whole train as only from top front was going to be in shot, so I only made the main frame of it.
I looked at the drawings she had done on her blog to see what kind of style and shape she wanted, I then researched steam trains to have a look at them in more detail and to see how I should think about creating it. I got the basic look and image of the train and decided it would be best to make it out of bolster wood, paper mache and a tin can as the main train engine. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible so adding in the bits of wood at the sides and making the two different chimneys was important. Attaching the tin to the wood was a bit tricky as the surface was very shinny not much stuck to it, but a few hairbands held it in place whilst the glue dried enough for me paper mache it to stick more securely. After paper mache all of the train to give it some texture and to make sure all of the parts stayed in place, I left it to dry before giving it a coat of paint of which I the added the details such as the gold lines and the specific number onto the front.








Millie- Money Jar

The money jar she wanted to be more like a tin can kind of look instead of a glass jar. So I made this from clay then added strips of clay around the outside to give it the rimmed effect. I then painted it like the kettle so it looked rusted and worn, but using the grey colour scheme and making it not so worn.



Millie- Kettle

So I had 4 items to make for her final film, which were done on the 7,8 & 9th Feb, and I also was given the task of painting her train station platform, but Millie ended up wanting to do it so I stuck to making the objects and painting them.
First of all I started with the kettle, of which I made it out of a polystyrene egg and clay, building up the shape around the edge, adding in dents and cracks to make it look old and rusted.






Millie Meeting 3rd Feb

These were the notes I made when me and Millie had our first meeting about what she needed doing for her final film. Me and hannah were both helping her out with making the props so me and Millie went through first off and decided what I was going to do and then Hannah. Millie then wrote out all the dimensions and colours that she needed and gave us the materials to make them. Tuesday 4th- Got the materials.




Amber- Cushion

When helping out Amber, there was only one thing that I did for her. As at the time I couldn’t come to the meeting which was on 10th March, so Dan, Hannah and Nicky brought the other little things for her set and made the other items, they also informed me of what needed doing and what she wanted help with. So with the cushions, we all made one each to help her out. After the original meeting there were issues in getting hold of Amber to see what she needed help with as there were 4 of us who were free to give her a hand, but it was very difficult to get her to come in or get into any kind of contact. In the mean time we all helped out with Dewi’s project, which them became the main focus as the issues with Amber were still apparent. These are the pictures on the process of making the cushion on Tuesday 11th March.




For this part of our semester we have to help out on outside projects to get an idea as to working in the industry. For part of this project we were asked and pitched to by the 3rd years to help with their final film projects. Working in the same area that we would like to pursue, we then showed our interest and were then given tasks to do, from set making and dressing to prop making and for me producing.