Planning our idea


Today’s lecture was a one to one tutorial for our groups.

So we spoke to Ben today about what we were going to do for our final project and how we were going to animate to the sound we had been given. As a group we decided with the short time frame we had because of our intense stop-motion week before the deadline we needed something simplistic but effective. With this in mind we though of doing an abstract idea with paint spatters onto paper using mixed media to animate to the music. We thought this method would be a good way in expressing what we felt when listening to the music and of what it reminded us of. Using mixed media we could produce a pice of animation that both looked at abstraction but also showed reaction to sound.
I came up with the idea of using flash to draw over the top of the footage to make the paint dripping down more exaggerated and to add effect into the film, so this would incorporate more animation into our piece as well as adding in shapes to go with the music. As a group we also discussed the idea of using stop-motion to add in shapes that would spring and pop out with changes in the music.

My role in this animation was to film Nicky animating the paint splatters to the music onto the paper canvas and to work in 2D flash after, adding in additional details and effects.

Nicky’s role was to create the paint splatters on the canvas reacting to the music and to also help out after with editing on 2D flash and adding in additional details.

Daniel’s role in this animation was to create the stop-motion shapes to layer over the top of the animation. Using simplistic shapes and designs will reinforce an abstract expression and react to the animate in terms of colour, size and shape.

With filming the footage we wanted to do this as live action as it would give us more range of filming media as well as restricting our control over the paint but also giving us freedom of visual expression.

When talking to our lecturer Ben about our ideas, he though they would work well and suggested some artist that we could look at such as, Norman Mclaren, Jackson Pollock and Charles Bukavski. He also suggested maybe keeping it to a simple colour scheme and using black and white with hints of colour when bold parts of sound came in, so simplicity but with maximum effect.