Soundscape group sound


This is the sound me and my group (Daniel, Nicky and Kyle) put together. It consisted of some of the foley sounds we had recorded which we then put into Adobe Soundbooth and changed the pitch and reversed some of the sounds, manipulating them so they did not sound like they were meant to anymore and were unrecognisable. We wanted to go for a piece that was very random in a way and did not have a beat or tone to it, something that was interesting but abstract, so although we knew what we wanted out of the piece we experimented with different manipulations to see what we could do and how we could change it to what we wanted to be. In the end we really liked the piece and even though it had no beat it was interesting to listen to and didn’t have many repeats to drag on the sound. We made each part its own and different layering sounds over on another to see what the outcome was. Overall I really like our sound and think it is interesting and I would like to animate to our sounds instead of swapping with a group, but I think it will be interesting to see what other people have done and how they have taken the brief of the project.