In an old town bakery a selfish father and his obnoxious daughter are busy making bread for the shop. One day, while the father is out, a mysterious good woman dressed in old rags, with dust on her cheeks walks into the shop and asks for some bread. The bakers daughter was not willing to give this old woman some bread for no money in return. After the old woman asks her again, the daughter then pulls of a tiny piece of dough and puts it into the oven, with a batch of other loafs to cook. When the daughter opens the oven, she see’s that the dough had risen so that it was the largest loaf in the oven. The daughter wasn’t going to give that to the old woman so she tore off an even smaller piece of dough and placed it in the oven under another batch of loafs. This then baked to an even bigger loaf that the first one, but still she did not give it to the old woman and instead tossed back her hair and put an even smaller piece of dough into the oven with a batch of fairy cakes. When the girl turned to see the loaf, it had risen so it was the biggest of all three. The daughter said why, who, who? but the woman but raised her stick and taps the daughter on the shoulder turning her into an owl. The daughter then fly’s out the shop hooting away, never to ask who is anybody again.