Norman Mclaren

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1914-1987 Producer and Director

In 1953 Mclaren created his piece Neighbours, about two neighbours who have feud over a flower which falls on the property line. This utilised a stop-motion animation effect called pixilation, by filming people moving a few frames at a time Mclaren gave the action of the film a frantic jittery look. In filming the animation like this he was able to create scenes and actions that he could not do with live action, such as the throwing and kicking of the baby and the over-exaggeration of the fighting scenes where on of the men is seen to fly standing across the screen.
Because Mclaren created all his sounds to accompany his film, he was able to control what sound happened at what exact moment, changing the pitch tone and length of each sound section. The sound he created gave his image tone and texture, each movement Is capsulated with a certain noise creating a mood and helping the viewer have a better sense of what is going on. The build up to actions and slight knocking sounds of when the two neighbours are fighting gives a comical effect as we feel its not actually happening because of the delay and jumps in between shots it again allows for Mclaren to create a surrealist story.