Narrative in a Newspaper


Looking at newspaper articles and finding an interesting narrative to work with, I found this, based on 4 Australian crickets who were dropped from their test side because they didn’t do their individual presentations. I thought this was an interesting one to look at as it just goes to show that even sports stars forget to do their homework every now and then! I liked the way in which it was told from the coach’s point of view and how he took such a drastic action in cutting them just to show a lesson, in that homework does matter even when your a pro cricketer. Some thought that it was a bit drastic but the coach stuck to his word, saying that this is a line in the sand for the team to become the best. For me to read this story, it made me think that the basis to any good team or discipline whether it be with a school class or a professional cricket team is to start with the small things and show that even though they may not be the most important or effected of events, putting rules and punishing the ones that don’t do it, works and helps the best come out of those who don’t want to perform to their potential.