Sound in the City

In this lecture we all showed our sound animations of newport.

Working with the idea of sounds around Newport. A group of us decided to explore a deserted warehouse building in the outskirts if Newport town. when we went there I got this scary haunted feeling about the place that felt deserted and forgotten about. The pigeons were the only living thing that inhabited the place and every now and then you’d hear the sound of their wings fluttering or a squawk which I wanted to capture with my camera. I found other objects that made sounds and hidden things in the dark that we only saw when light was put on our phones. This was in a separate room of which the walls were still intact and the only light was from a small part of the window that had been broken and an orange light was shinning through. This made it atmospheric and spooky as we didn’t know what was 2 feet in front of us or what could have been hiding in the corner. because the place was so silent we made sounds from objects in the building. With our film we wanted to show it was a deserted place that no-one had taken care of but we also wanted to show the creepy quietness that it had to it and that the pigeons were the only thing living there. We kind of wanted to make a story about how although very quiet it was noisy with objects laying around just like they’d been chucked there not placed and everything was dirty and dark. We also wanted to show the difference from the town where it was full of people. Showing this we started off by taking pictures of people walking around town. At first we wanted clear images at hip height so it wouldn’t look so photographer but instead hidden so wed get a natural look from the people. But then when looking back at the images we’d taken we saw that they turned out blurry, which actually we thought looked better as it gave the people a ghostly effect that fitted in well with what we wanted to create. it also gave movement to them, although they were still images we could see that they had been moving. Not wanting this to be very clear in our film we decided to just have them pop up subtly and distorted to show the contrast but also how out of place they looked in that environment.